Sunday, October 14, 2007

school starts!

well I don't know if I'm excited, scared or sad! Schools starting soon! I think I'm excited because I get toi see all my friends but then I have homework and work and work and work!! grr lol. Oh well. Okay so it wa sso wierd! i was at kohls with my mom and we're by the dressing room and nicole walks out and we're all just like frozen and i start laughing because it was funny and akward.. anyway while i was at home my mom told me to look for some recipts for returns and i took out her wallet thingy that has her credit cards in it .well we were shopping and looking around and we have all our stuff and no money!! except 20 bucks that wouldnt even pay for the pants! so.. we put them on hold and have to go back today! at least we get to go to the mall!!! Niagara Falls Boulavard. Anyway.. I am bored and waiting for my mom to get ready ive been up since like 8:30 waiting for her she wakes me up and is like lets go! and its been like an hour and a half and shes on